Material safety data sheet

Material safety data sheet

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for supplies containing chemical substances, such as toner, can be obtained by contacting the HP website at or

Extended warranty

HP SupportPack provides coverage for the HP hardware product and all HP-supplied internal components. The hardware maintenance covers a three-year period from the date of the HP product purchase. The customer must purchase HP SupportPack within 90 days of the HP product purchase. For more information, contact the HP Customer Care Service and HP Customer Support Group. See HP Customer Care.

Spare parts and supplies availability

Spare parts and consumable supplies for this product will be available for at least five years after production has stopped.

For more information

To obtain information about these environmental topics:

Product environmental profile sheet for this and many related HP products
HP’s commitment to the environment
HP’s environmental management system
HP’s end-of-life product return and recycling program

See: or

HP Color Laserjet 2605 Material safety data sheet