Set the printer for high-quality output

Set the printer for high-quality output

You can print on special media such as transparencies, labels, heavy paper, glossy paper, photo paper, and card stock, by using the optimizing feature in the printer driver.

1. Load the media input tray. Make sure that the top of the media is forward and the side to be printed on (the rough side of transparencies) is facing up.
2. Adjust the media guides to fit the width of the media.
3. Open a document in a program, such as Microsoft Word.
4. Select the print command. For most programs, click the File menu, and then click Print. The Print dialog box appears.
5. On the Print dialog box, click Properties.
6. On the Paper or Quality tab, select one of these media types:
HP Tough paper
Light 60-74 g/m2
Heavy paper 91-105 g/m2
Cardstock 106-176 g/m2
Light Glossy 75-105 g/m2
Glossy 106-120 g/m2
Heavy Glossy 121-163 g/m2
HP Premium Cover 200 g/m2
HP Premium Plus Photo 220 g/m2
7. Print the document. Remove the media from the printer as it prints to prevent it from sticking together, and place the printed pages on a flat surface.

The media type can also be selected and configured in HP ToolboxFX. To configure these media types from HP ToolboxFX, click Device Settings, click the System Settings tab, and then open the Print Modes page. Make any necessary changes, and then click Apply to save the changes.

To print a single-page cover letter on letterhead, followed by a multiple-page document, load a single sheet of letterhead in Tray 1. After the letterhead page has printed, the printer prompts you to load paper. Load paper for the rest of the document.

HP Color Laserjet 2605 Set the printer for high-quality output