Inserting a memory card

Inserting a memory card

The HP Color LaserJet 2605dtn printer can read the following memory-card types:

Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO
Secure Digital (SD)

The HP Color LaserJet 2605dtn memory card reader recognizes only files in .JPEG file format when printing from the printer control panel. To print other file types, you must use the software, such as HP Image Zone, provided on the CD-ROMs that came with the printer. See the software online Help for information about how to print photos from your computer. Windows operating system users also can use Windows Explorer to move other file types to their computer and then print the files from the computer.

Insert the memory card into the appropriate slot on the HP Color LaserJet 2605dtn printer. To determine in which slot your memory card needs to be inserted, see the illustration below.

HP Color Laserjet 2605 printer photo card Inserting a memory card

1 Accepts xD and SmartMedia memory cards.
2 Accepts MultiMedia, Memory Stick, and Memory Stick PRO memory cards.
3 Accepts CompactFlash memory cards.
4 Accepts Secure Digital memory cards.

The printer reads the card, and then the printer control panel displays X Photos found on card, where X is the number of recognized .JPEG files found on the memory card.

Now you can use the HP Color LaserJet 2605dtn to print photos.


You can use only one memory card in the printer at a time. If two or more are inserted, the printer displays an error message. For more information about memory-card messages, see Control panel messages.


The HP Color LaserJet 2605dtn recognizes memory cards up to 2 GB.

HP Color Laserjet 2605 Inserting a memory card