HP Web Jetadmin

HP Web Jetadmin

This software is available only when the printer is connected to a network.

HP Web Jetadmin is intended for printer management in commercial and enterprise networks. While the HP ToolboxFX is used to manage a single printer, HP Web Jetadmin is used to manage groups of printers and other devices. Download this software from the HP website at http://www.hp.com/go/webjetadmin. The HP Web Jetadmin website provides HP Web Jetadmin software in many languages.

HP Web Jetadmin is available only if the printer is connected to an Internet protocol- (IP-) based network. This browser-based software can be installed on one of the following supported platforms:

Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP
Red Hat Linux
SuSE Linux

After you install the HP Web Jetadmin software, you can start it in a supported Web browser on any computer by typing one of the following Web addresses:


where server.domain is the server hostname and port is the port number that you selected during installation. (The default port is 8000.) This information is available in the url.txt file, which is stored in the folder where HP Web Jetadmin is installed.


where ipaddress is the IP address of the computer on which HP Web Jetadmin is installed.

For settings that appear in both the printer driver and HP Web Jetadmin, changes that are made in the printer driver override changes that are made in HP Web Jetadmin.

HP Color Laserjet 2605 HP Web Jetadmin