Checking and ordering supplies

Checking and ordering supplies

You can check the supplies status by using the printer control panel, printing a Supplies Status page, or viewing the HP ToolboxFX, Hewlett-Packard recommends that you place an order for a replacement print cartridge when you first receive the Low message for a print cartridge. For typical use, the Order message indicates that approximately two weeks of life remains. When you use a new, authentic HP print cartridge, you can obtain the following types of supplies information:

Amount of cartridge remaining
Estimated number of pages remaining
Number of pages printed
Other supplies information

If the printer is connected to the network, you can set the HP ToolboxFX to notify you by e-mail when a print cartridge is low or is near the end of its useful life. If the printer is directly connected to a computer, you can set HP ToolboxFX to notify you when supplies are low.

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